FMSbonds Institutional Sales

Our institutional sales group is comprised of senior-level professionals serving a premier roster of clients, including mutual funds, hedge funds, money managers, pension funds, banks and insurance companies.

Through long-standing and trusted industry relationships, we deliver exceptional service and are dedicated to our clients’ success.

Each member of our sales force is highly experienced and possesses a diverse skill set, providing expertise in a variety of sectors.


Sean O’Neal – Director, Executive Director, Institutional Sales

Sean O’Neal

Executive Director, Institutional Sales

Sean O’Neal leads the institutional sales group at FMSbonds, Inc. He concentrates in the long high-grade and high-yield sectors.

Prior to joining FMSbonds, Mr. O’Neal was a top institutional salesperson at Morgan Stanley, where he served for five years.

Previously, he was with Belle Haven Investments, where he specialized in high yield bonds. Earlier in his career, he was with J.C. Bradford & Co. and Seattle-Northwest Securities.

A native of San Diego, Mr. O’Neal is a graduate of Pepperdine University, where he received his degree in finance and economics.

Contact Mr. O’Neal
Phone: 561-893-6193


Jim Higgins – Institutional Sales/Trading

Jim Higgins

Executive Director, Institutional Sales/Trading

Jim Higgins is Executive Director, Institutional Sales/Trading. His clients include the nation’s largest tax-free bond funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and proprietary trading accounts.

Prior to joining FMSbonds, Mr. Higgins was with Morgan Stanley, in New York, where he was Executive Director, Institutional Trading; and was Senior Vice President, Institutional Sales with Belle Haven Investments in Greenwich, CT. Previously, he served as Vice President, Institutional Trading at JPMorgan Chase; Dillon, Read & Co.; and Kidder, Peabody & Co.

Mr. Higgins is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross.

Contact Mr. Higgins
Phone: 561-893-6131


James Magidson – Executive Director, Institutional Sales

James Magidson

Executive Director, Institutional Sales/Trading

James Magidson, Executive Director, Institutional Sales, serves mutual fund clients, hedge funds and insurance companies.

Prior to joining FMSbonds, Mr. Magidson was a Managing Director with Jefferies Financial and Mesirow Financial and previously held institutional sales positions at Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan. He began his career at Prager, McCarthy & Sealy.

Mr. Magidson is a graduate of Boston College.

Contact Mr. Magidson
Phone: 561-893-6132


Colleen Walsh – Director, Institutional Sales

Colleen Walsh

Director, Institutional Sales

Colleen Walsh serves large mutual funds as well as insurance companies, high net worth and separately managed accounts and bank portfolios. She specializes in tax-free and taxable municipal bonds, high grade and high yield.

She was previously with Citigroup for almost 17 years, where she worked in institutional sales. During her six-year tenure with Nuveen Investments, Ms. Walsh was in corporate accounting, fund accounting and was a trading assistant with the mutual fund management group.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in finance from DePaul University in Chicago.

Contact Ms. Walsh
Phone: 561-893-6101, Cell 773-259-2615


John Hooper – Director, Institutional Sales

John Hooper

Director, Institutional Sales

Mr. Hooper serves wealth managers and bond funds.

He was with Seattle-Northwest Securities for 30 years, where he was a Senior Vice President and Board Member. He managed municipal trading and directed competitive underwriting and institutional sales.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Hooper was with Seattle First National Bank, where he was responsible for trading and underwriting municipal bonds and managing the bank’s municipal common bond fund.

He is a graduate of Central Michigan University, and attended the University of Oregon’s graduate school of business, where his studies emphasized money and banking and securities analysis.

Contact Mr. Hooper
Phone: 561-893-6112