About FMSbonds, Inc.

FMSbonds, Inc. is a municipal bond dealer that provides individual investors with exceptional value and insight in the tax-free and taxable municipal bond markets.

Since our founding in 1978, we have successfully served individual investors throughout the country. We understand the distinctive nature of tax-free municipal bonds and recognize that even the most sophisticated investors need more information to understand the nuances of these securities. Our highly trained municipal bond specialists augment our electronic resources and are available – online as well as offline – to help clients identify opportunities and meet their long-term objectives.

Our investment banking division is the leading underwriter of land-secured financings in Florida. Since 2009, the firm’s investment banking team has executed more than 1,000 investment banking transactions totaling approximately $10 billion, and approximately $11 billion of secondary-market trades.

Our institutional sales group is comprised of senior-level professionals serving a premier roster of clients. Through long-standing and trusted industry relationships, we deliver exceptional service and are dedicated to our clients’ success.

About FMSbonds

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    We were pioneers years ago when we launched our online service, www.FMSbonds.com, and are committed to constantly refining our efforts today. On our Web site, we offer investors sophisticated yet easy-to-navigate interactive investing opportunities, including access to a live inventory of tax-free and taxable municipal bonds available for real-time pricing and trading as well as a wealth of market insight, including pertinent information on timely buying opportunities, investment strategies and commentary along with additional information relevant to the needs of municipal bond buyers.

    Most online companies that sell bonds today do not own the bonds they sell and instead display the compiled offerings of many different bond firms. As a genuine municipal bond dealer that serves investors both online as well as offline, we own the inventory we sell, empowering clients with a seamlessly interactive process in which they can purchase bonds easily, knowledgeably and with confidence.


    Disconnect for Municipal Bond Investors
    Insight, not just information

    Unlike equities, tax-free municipal bonds are distinct, multi-faceted instruments. With original commentary, strategies and bond analyses, we offer investors a deeper understanding of the bond market and their own portfolios.

    In addition, FMSbonds has developed the patented Muni-Trac ®report that gathers all the pertinent information about a client’s bonds in one organized format.

    This firm is a member of SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). Explanatory brochure available upon request or at www.sipc.org. In addition to the customer account protection offered by SIPC, FMS has purchased and currently maintains an Excess SIPC Policy which provides up to an additional $24,500,000 per account (including an additional $1,900,000 for cash claims) in excess of the limits provided by SIPC, up to a maximum aggregate of $150,000,000.  This Excess SIPC policy is underwritten by Marsh McClennan through Lloyds of London.

    Our heritage

    Our firm was founded in 1978 by James A. Klotz and Paul Feinsilver. Mr. Klotz continues to serve as President and CEO.

    Mr. Klotz and Mr. Feinsilver began their careers as colleagues at a bond brokerage, where they served successful individuals and families.

    As they learned the municipal bond business, they developed a keen understanding of certain principles: Learn the unique needs of each client and be able to deliver – and understand – the municipal bonds that meet those needs.

    In a quest to expand the number of clients they served and ensure their values were imbued in each client relationship, they established FMSbonds, Inc.

    Since then, generations of clients have relied on FMSbonds. Whether they’re business owners, executives, professionals, major institutions or those with family wealth, clients know they will be served by trained, experienced specialists on a one-to-one basis, just as the firm’s founders envisioned decades ago.

    Mr. Klotz and Mr. Feinsilver are active in numerous civic, philanthropic and professional organizations.

    Mr. Klotz is a native of New Jersey and earned his B.S. in economics from Upsala College in East Orange, N.J. He is regularly cited by the financial media for his insight into the tax-free municipal bond market. Mr. Feinsilver, also a New Jersey native, earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.

    From offices in Boca Raton and North Miami Beach, Florida; Denver, Colorado; Westchester, New York (Mt. Kisco); Whippany, New Jersey; Dallas, Texas;  and Seattle, Washington, we have earned a reputation for providing exceptional value and expertise to tax-free municipal bond buyers across the country.

    We welcome your comments and questions. For further information, please e-mail us or phone 1-800-367-2663.

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