FMSbonds, Inc., founded in 1978, provides investors with exceptional value in the tax-free municipal bond market.

In 1995, FMSbonds, Inc. became the first municipal bond firm to launch a Web site, and soon afterward was the first to offer investors the opportunity to buy bonds directly online.

Today, thousands of investors from across the country buy bonds online at FMSbonds.com. In addition to a wide selection of municipal bonds, FMSbonds.com is the only site that offers original, practical information geared strictly for the individual investor, along with the assistance of tax-free municipal bond specialists.

Here’s what investors are saying about FMSbonds.com:

Just a note to let you know that I really appreciate the service Andrew Blum provides me. I truly believe he has my best interests at heart in serving my needs. Hope to keep our business relationship going for some time.
F.J., Louisiana

I appreciate your diligence and promptness in sending out my municipal bond checks on time and without undue hassle. I would not have thought I would need to say this, but I’m having the opposite experience with another so-called “reputable” muni bond company.
J.P., Oregon

We’ve been a client of Patrick Gonzalez’s for 10 years and would like to recognize him for his outstanding work. Patrick has not only made a difference in our investing goals, he has constantly guided us toward financial security. He has taken the time to get to know us personally, has always been pleasant on the phone and is sensitive to our investment goals. We feel he is an honest person and tells us when he does not feel comfortable advising us about areas which are not his expertise. We cannot thank Patrick enough for his clear, honest guidance.
S.D. and W.D., Wisconsin

“It’s no wonder FMSbonds is successful: They pick good bonds. Their brokers know the bonds and they answer all my questions. I recently asked a broker at another firm about a bond that went into the toilet. He said he would get back to me. He hasn’t. How sad.”
D.J., Florida

“Thank you for your thoughtful, concerned and informative reply. I was very impressed that you took the time and effort to respond to me and it reflects well on your firm. While I am writing, I’d like to take the opportunity to say how good my wife and I feel about our bond specialist, Andrew Blum, as a person and a broker. He is a far cry from the typical salesman-type broker. He is always warm and friendly, and it is always a pleasure to speak with him about any questions, offerings or just personally. He always is willing to take the time to discuss whatever needs discussing, explain or expound on a bond or the bond market, or anything related (and sometimes not even related). He feels like a friend and that works for a good relationship. The fact that he usually comes up with good offerings is pretty good, too!”
D.W., Ph.D., California

“I just want to thank Garry Hurewitz for the great service he has provided me for over 10 years. His guidance and knowledge has helped me build a portfolio of zero coupon bonds worth over $1 million today. If you want tax-free interest and you want to sleep well at night, call Garry. He will take care of you.”
C.S., Georgia

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    “Quite by accident, I discovered muni bonds in the early ‘80s. Also accidentally, a young broker making a cold call impressed me with his recommendation to always buy long bonds because most were called before they matured and thus would capture more interest, a philosophy that worked for me. Because of brokerage mergers, he changed houses three or four times through the years and I always followed him wherever he moved. When he retired a few years ago, his successor really was not interested in bonds and I discovered FMS. It has been a pleasure to work with the knowledgeable Matthew Zucker who shares that philosophy.”
    D.F., Georgia

    “I have been investing with FMS for years. Following James Klotz’s direction to buy and hold makes investing in munis simple. Purchasing a block of tax-free munis allows me to select the price and the tax-free yield. How much more simple can that be?”
    V.A., Nevada

    “Just wanted to let you know that I really value your insight into the muni market and have worked with Victor Demetriou for many years.”
    S.Y., Maryland

    “I’m delighted to keep maximizing my tax-free income with your superior representative, Garry Hurewitz.”
    V.L., Florida

    “I am an educated investor who listened to your employee, Edie Nasello, five years ago. Because of that, am still reaping the tax-free muni and BAB returns. Thank you for the common sense approach to conservative income investing. I recommend you highly!”
    T.B., Michigan

    “Thanks for all of your support. FMSbonds is No. 1.”
    C.S., Georgia

    “Good article…. I’ve enjoyed working with your account executive Patrick Gonzalez.”
    S.G., Michigan

    “As an FMS client, we have visited your Miami facility and we have been very happy to work with Warren Silver.”
    C.W., Texas

    “I enjoy the articles on your Web site and doing business with the folks at your firm – Todd Tennen and his group.”
    R.C., Connecticut

    “I have several million dollars worth of bonds with your firm and have enjoyed my buying experience with Andrew Blum.”
    L.S., Texas

    “Your bond specialist, James Moysey, was very good in his response to me about the Manchester bond situation. I truly appreciate that kind of service. It differentiates your firm from weaker ones.”
    S.D., Florida

    “I’m glad I stayed the course at FMS! As I get older, I look more and more like my dad and my portfolio looks more and more like his did!”
    J.S., Pennsylvania

    “I think the FMS offerings and service are top notch.”
    I.S., New York

    “We are clients of FMSbonds and we attended last week’s Municipal Bonds Update presented by Edie Nasello. Like so many people in our generation, we are no longer looking to hit the long drive on the golf course of life. Already on the green, we would just like to putt out with a little style. In short, we would like to preserve our capital and generate a reasonable “in the pocket” return. Ms. Nasello has certainly helped our portfolio with what we feel is quality product and respectable return. We have attended the presentations of a number of very well informed and persuasive financial advisors over the past few years, and in our opinion Edie stood quite well in this company of very polished financial speakers. Edie did an exceptional job of presenting her subject and in representing FMS, answering questions promptly and precisely, and we are strongly inclined to not only continue our business with FMS, but to increase it in the future.”
    T.K., Florida

    “Thanks for the work you are doing to provide us investors with high quality service. The person at your firm with whom I work, Kara Lucas, is outstanding.”
    G.S., Arizona

    “I’m a 65-year-old retiree who has been in the tax-free bond market for the past two years and wish I had done it long ago. Peter Jacobs, my bond specialist at FMS, has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I understand what I’m buying and has helped me tremendously. I manage my own money and buy what I’m comfortable with. Hat’s off to FMS and thanks again for making a believer out of an ‘Old Soldier.'”
    D.H., Florida

    “For about 30 years, I have been investing with my father. He taught me a lot. We are both extremely pleased with FMSbonds and our consultant, John Ingrisani. We built up a pretty good sized portfolio, and because I am the suspicious type (got that from Dad, a 30-year NYPD detective), I would show the statement to a few people in the business that I respect. Without fail, thumbs up every time. It’s a great relationship.”
    R.H., Washington, D.C.

    “As an FMSbonds client, I appreciate the service you perform by offering us informed commentary on your Web site, and the insight it shows gives me confidence in the research underlying the recommendations we receive from our broker, Edie Nasello.”
    G.B., Montana

    “I started building a long term muni portfolio in 1981. I’m 85 and still investing in muni bonds. This has been a great long term retirement strategy.”
    R.W., Arkansas

    “Thanks for the Muni-Trac report. It truly helped give me a better picture of the purchases I made in the few months since we started doing business. Yes, income is up and the overall value is growing. I am happy.”
    L.F., Florida

    “I’m extremely satisfied with my bond adviser Luis Gonzalez. His advice on zero coupon bonds has been excellent and he looks out for my best interest. I’m very happy over how much my investment has grown and would like to say that he’s the best adviser I’ve ever had. Thank you!”
    Y.N., Arizona

    “When it comes to bond investing, your firm is extremely helpful and astute.”
    S.K., CPA, New Jersey

    “I’m a 58-year-old muni banker and love your stuff.”
    R.L., New York

    “I am a new customer of FMS and have found your material and execution very good.”
    M.P., Florida

    “(Bond specialist) Joe Maya had excellent advice and seems very customer oriented. I am looking forward to working with him on a number of purchases. Please accept my thanks for this really first-rate introduction to the firm.”
    T.G., Tennessee

    “Congratulations on the fine reputation your company enjoys.”
    B.Z., New York

    “Finally, a bond dealer I trust!”
    T.B., Washington, D.C

    “I appreciate all the great service I’ve been getting from Michael DeStefano and FMSbonds.com.”
    A.S. New Jersey

    “Thank you for your excellent site.”
    B.R., California

    “I am a new client and just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with FMSbonds, Inc.”
    E.L., Pennsylvania

    “Thank you for your report on the credit quality of Louisiana and Mississippi bonds. I have several bonds from both states, 15% of my portfolio. I appreciate your straightforward information.”
    S.Y., Maryland

    “I am an FMS customer and enjoy your website a lot.”
    U.D., Texas

    “My experiences with your organization have been excellent and I appreciate the expertise.”
    M.P., Florida

    “Thanks for the update on my holdings. You all are so efficient it scares me in a very pleasant way.”
    J.K., Michigan

    “Your website is excellent, concise, thorough and complete.”
    A.C., New Mexico

    “You provide an incredibly valuable service…. Thanks many times over!”
    Dr. A.B., California

    “I really enjoy your site. It’s straightforward, concise and results-oriented. Thanks for your work.”
    S.G., Virginia

    “Thanks for all of your good advice for investing in bonds.”
    G.G., Illinois

    “Thanks for all of your help in answering all of my questions and your assistance in making this purchase.”
    M.J., Pennsylvania

    “I have just discovered your website today and have found it extremely informative and valuable.”
    R.L., Ohio

    “You have an outstanding website.”
    S.O., California

    “I love reading your articles.”
    J.B., Florida

    “I always read the FMSbonds articles with great interest. Lots of good information in them.”
    M.M., Missouri

    “I value your well-reasoned commentaries and I have passed on various articles to friends of mine.”
    D.E., North Carolina

    “I am enjoying your articles on the FMS website!”
    Dr. A.J., Michigan

    “Thanks for your Web site. It is very insightful.”
    B.S., North Carolina

    “I love your commentaries.”
    J.W., Texas

    “Your website is full of excellent and useful information on investing in municipal bonds.”
    R.S., Florida

    “Thank you very much for your most prompt and thorough response. Once again, FMS has proved to be the most valuable tax-free broker known to mankind – or at the very least, to this writer. Congratulations!”
    J.S., Washington, D.C.

    “Great advice!”

    “I am pleased to have read your article. Well done.”
    M.A., Florida

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