Why Choose FMSbonds, Inc.?

We’re specialists

FMSbonds, Inc. specializes in tax-free municipal bonds. That’s all we do.

Since our founding in 1978, we have served individual investors, providing exceptional value and insight in the municipal bond market.

Unlike the mega firms whose brokers sell stocks and a variety of other securities, our specialists aren’t distracted by other investments. We understand the role of munis in investors’ portfolios and can offer an unmatched level of insight into the municipal bond market.

We own the bonds we sell

Most online companies that sell bonds today do not own the bonds they sell. Instead, they display the compiled offerings of many different bond firms and many of their offerings may not be suitable for every individual investor. If you ask them about their bonds, they likely lack the insight to help you.

As a genuine municipal bond specialist firm, we own the inventory we sell. Our trading desk finds value in the tax-free bond market and secures bonds that make sense for our clients. Our highly trained specialists understand the distinctive nature of our offerings and are able to convey their unique attributes.

At FMSbonds, Inc., clients are empowered to invest easily, knowledgeably and with peace of mind.

You get insight, not just information

Through our Muni News and Perspectives, we provide investors with original commentary and analysis of the bond market. In addition, we offer a Muni Bond Forum, where we answer questions and respond to comments submitted by investors.

No one offers a similar level of expertise and service for the individual investor.

You’ll know more about your bonds

Every so often, the status and description of your municipal bonds can change. Our patented Muni-Trac® system gathers all the pertinent information about your bonds in one organized, easy-to-read report.

Visit our Analyze Your Bonds page and get a deeper understanding of the bond market and your own portfolio.

It’s easy

Online, we offer investors sophisticated yet easy-to-navigate interactive investing opportunities, including access to a live inventory of tax-free bonds available for real-time pricing and trading.

On the telephone, or for investors who wish to visit one of our offices, our experienced, highly trained specialists will help find the munis uniquely suited to you.

You’re covered

All accounts at FMSbonds are insured up to $25 million. The firm is a member of FINRA and SIPC. Explanatory brochures are available upon request or at www.sipc.org.