Muni Bonds News and Perspectives

Below are bond market commentaries, strategies and analyses written by our municipal bond specialists. They are listed by date.

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S&P Maintains its ‘A’ Rating on ACA

Standard & Poor’s said it has no immediate plans to change ACA Financial Guaranty Corp.’s credit rating. “The company is starting to make money and...

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Watch Out for the Fed Watchers

Caution: Paying too much attention to Fed watchers can be injurious to your long-term financial health. Maybe, instead of watching the Fed watchers, we should...

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Moody’s About-Face on Tobacco Bonds

We believe a recent decision by Moody’s to downgrade its ratings on all tobacco settlement bonds was premature and unwarranted. To date, neither of the other...

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Ray Of Hope For AMT Investors

There is a ray of hope for tax-free bond investors who are afraid of becoming subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Municipal bond investors paying...

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Where the Lemmings Are

Last month, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan sent the Treasury bond market into a tailspin by making a subtle semantical adjustment in the wording of the Fed's...

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