Muni Bonds News and Perspectives

Below are bond market commentaries, strategies and analyses written by our municipal bond specialists. They are listed by date.

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The ‘Considerable Period’

Last week, the Fed's Open Market Committee said that inflation should remain subdued for the foreseeable future and that it would maintain its current...

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Good News for Florida Investors

Good news for Florida muni bond investors: Significant changes in the Florida Intangible Personal Property Tax regulations for 2004 increase the exemptions...

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The Long And Expensive Wait

Can you time the market? Does it make sense to try? More than two years ago, we launched a series of articles that examined those questions. We put to the...

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Today’s Lesson is Yesterday’s News

During the devastating stock market meltdown of the early '00s, the financial media was quick to point out (albeit after the fact) that much of the pain could...

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Good news for Philip Morris

Striking another blow to class-action suits against tobacco companies, the Illinois Supreme Court reinstated the reduced bonding amount of $6.8 billion...

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Putting California in its Place

Thanks to Newsweek's July 28th cover story, "California in Crisis," the Golden State's political and economic problems are no longer a secret. Since last...

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Bond Expert Sees Safe Harbor in Munis

Is there a port in the bond storm? That was the question a CNBC reporter posed to Pimco's Bill Gross, known as the "bond king." In an interview last week, the...

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Investors Snapping Up Bonds

Individual investors increased their municipal bond holdings by more than $21.2 billion in the first quarter of 2003, according to the Federal Reserve Board's...

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