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FMSbonds, Inc.'s Bond Forum™ is an exclusive opportunity for investors to submit questions and comments on the bond market or to respond to one of our articles.

To participate, just send us an e-mail. Be sure to include your name or initials and your state of residence. Posted e-mails may be edited for length and clarity. If you prefer a private response, please note that in your e-mail. Responses are provided by James A. Klotz, president and co-founder of FMSbonds, Inc., a municipal bond specialist for more than 35 years; Dr. Jay H. Abrams, chief municipal credit analyst; and other members of the firm as noted.

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Tobacco bonds that make the grade


I imagine Chicago’s plan to increase cigarette taxes, which you discussed in your article, “Clouds Darkening for Tobacco Bonds,” will cause problems for Illinois tobacco bonds. I purchased Erie, New York, tobacco bonds, rated BBB/BBB+, first tranche taxable. The maturity date is 2028 but they pay faster as all principal reductions for the bond issue go to the first tranche. Are you concerned about these types of bonds?


- S.Y., Maryland
James A. Klotz responds

Under the Master Settlement Agreement, the amount of revenue due from tobacco companies is based on general cigarette sales throughout the United States. Any regional impact would result from the particular structure of the bonds issued by the individual states.

Your Erie County bonds are refunding securities issued in 2005 and, as you say, still maintain investment grade ratings by both Moody's and Standard and Poor’s. Their "turbo" structure has provided for the rapid pay-down to which you refer. We are quite comfortable with this issue.

The intent of our commentary was to alert investors with medium or low risk tolerance that many tobacco securities purchased as "investment grade" are now rated below this standard.


Withstanding the worst


I need a means of measuring the likelihood of problems with Puerto Rico bonds. A power and light company generally sounds OK as long as consumers can pay their bills. But would hard times in Puerto Rico be that much different than hard times here in the states?


- R.S. New Jersey
James A. Klotz responds

In the Standard & Poor's report we highlighted in our recent commentary, “Herd Mentality Yields Unique Value,” the rating agency attempts to do exactly what you are requesting: provide a means of measuring the ability of insurers to meet their responsibilities if payment problems develop with Puerto Rico bonds.

To this end, S&P assumes a worst-case scenario in its attempt to gauge the viability of the insurers, even if the economy experiences symptoms similar to those of the Great Depression in the 1930s. We took this to be a very conservative assumption.

Naturally, all investments contain a degree of risk and there obviously are no guarantees.


Opportunities for those who do their homework


Everybody is dumping Puerto Rico bonds because 13.5% unemployment is so high. Thus, people are moving out of Puerto Rico and it is declining in population. Don't you think this could be dangerous for investors?


- L.B., California
James A. Klotz responds

Of course we do. We have made this clear in a number of our articles and commentaries.

Our article, “Herd Mentality Yields Unique Value,” pertained to a positive report by Standard & Poor’s regarding two of the insurance companies and their ability to pay investors if a worst-case scenario for Puerto Rico did unfold.

Perspective is important. Often, unfavorable news leads many investors to panic and “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” which in turn creates opportunities for those who do their homework.


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