Muni Bonds News and Perspectives

Below are bond market commentaries, strategies and analyses written by our municipal bond specialists. They are listed by date.

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Beef Up the Municipal Liquidity Facility

The Fed’s muni-support effort to help state and local governments cope with pandemic-related costs – the Municipal Liquidity Facility – is drawing scant...

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Looking for a Flight to Municipal Bonds

As the pandemic impacts government budgets, it’s a good bet income taxes will rise and with it, a flight to municipal bonds. It’s a phenomenon we’ve seen...

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Finding Muni Bonds That Make Sense

Is finding the right municipal bonds as easy as throwing darts at a board, or as treacherous as standing in front of one? According to the pundits, municipal...

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Navigating Muni Market Volatility

Feeling a bit of whiplash from the March to May muni market volatility? You’re not alone. The market surged 3.18% in May, according to the Bloomberg Barclays...

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